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Practicing IAIDO

Iaido is the art of drawing and wielding Japanís traditional sword: Katana.

It is practiced by the use of Katas (codified forms of fighting), that are performed alone, imagining to be facing opponents.

Being most probably the oldest Japanese martial art, Iaido influenced the evolution of all other similar disciplines known today. In fact, the oldest Iaido schools of proven existence were founded during the VII century a.D. during the Nara period, even though the period of highest development took place around 1500 - 1600. Some of these very old schools arrived until modern days, so we still have a chance to practice them.

Performing these techniques involves searching for a perfect coordination between mind, body and breathing, leading to the development of a solid psycho-physic balance. Obviously, all this requires a lot of practice and perseverance. 

Being balanced in itís movements, simple in itís elegance, Iaido is permeated by a series of deep relations: "one breath, one cut, one victory".

Moreover, Iaido is a great complement for those who practice any other Japanese martial art as it shares with them the same principles, exalted by the direct use of the sword.

Today, Iaido is a way that leads to worldwide friendship, respect and honesty.


Equipment used during a practice session

(Initially, a normal sweat suit can be used and part of the equipment can be borrowed.)


Iaido calls for a specific equipment, that includes a IAIDOGI (jacket) an HAKAMA (traditional pants), an OBI (belt), KNEE PROTECTIONS and a BOKKEN (wooden sword). Later, the Bokken is changed in favour of a IAITO (a sword with blunt blade); as they become more and more expert, students might eventually proceed to use what is usually defined as the real soul of the Samurai: a real KATANA (Shinken) . 


In our DOJOs we practice ZEN KEN REN IAIDO (SEITEI IAI) that is a codified system by the Japanese Federation (Z.N.K.R.), following the teachings of our Master we also practice the old style MUSO SHINDEN RYU.





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