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Who we are


A Iaido school affiliated with C.I.K. (Confederazione Italiana Kendo - www.kendo-cik.it)


Created by Master Norio FURUICHI

(cut on rice paper)

The association was founded in 2007 by Davide and Fernando, two students who have been practicing Iaido for several years.

There is only a few people, in Italy and in Europe, who can relay on a real Japanese master: we have the luck of knowing Master Norio Furuichi and his Shio Shi Kai group in Kanagawa (Tokyo).

Since this year, we achieved a complete affiliation, and Shio Shi Kai – Milan is now related to the ones already existing in Japan and in Berlin, organising meetings both in Italy and Japan.

Referring to a more extended interpretation of the word Shio Shi Kai, we practice within the spirit of opening ourselves to know other people, to give and receive, accepting and sharing the differences existing between people and cultures, by communicating a common language: respect.

We try to practice the Iaido that we are shown by Master Norio Furuichi, following the principle of Shi Shou (to follow the teaching of one Master alone), so to give to our practice coherence and style-continuity.

We like to perform a “real” Iaido, able to actually cut the opponent but still able to show elegance, using our swords in the most realistic way, unifying it with our body and spirit.

A commitment that follows the rules of our family, of our health and our work, using Iaido to increase our knowledge and friendships.










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